Actor Shia LaBeouf tries to avoid jail time by claiming he’s in the military

Shia LaBeouf being arrested by an Austin Police officer. Screenshot from TMZ video.

Is this a Hollywood version of stolen valor? Perhaps. Directors have certainly given actor Shia LaBeouf a lot of credit for taking his roles seriously and losing himself in his characters.

But his recent arrest in Texas, for public intoxication, now has some questioning whether LaBeouf took his method acting a little too far this time.

According to the police report, the officer initially stopped LaBeouf because he and a group of people were jaywalking in downtown Austin Friday night. But TMZ reports the officer quickly noticed “Shia’s speech was slurred” and “he smelled of alcohol.”

The Transformers actor– who seemed “agitated” — started making bizarre claims about why police should not arrest him. First, he said that LAPD killed one of his friends, then he claimed he was a member of the National Guard.

Turns out, this was not the only time he made such a claim. Breitbart News reported that during the actor’s preparations for his role in the WWII epic ‘Fury’, LaBeouf cut his face on set and got a tooth pulled. But he took it a step further by claiming to have joined the military.

“The day I got the job, I joined the US National Guard. I was baptized – accepted Christ in my heart – tattooed my surrender and became a chaplain’s assistant to Captain Yates for the 41st Infantry,” he told Dazed magazine ten months ago.

Fury director, David Ayer, said the following about LaBeouf:  “He was all in. He went and embedded himself with the National Guard unit, he started prep before anybody. He shadowed a military chaplain, learned how to minister to troops, scripture, he really went in deep in these incredible ways.”

But as Breitbart points out, “embedding” and “shadowing” are not the same thing as actually serving in the National Guard.

“Do whatever the f**k you gotta do!” LaBeouf told Austin police officers, after his last-ditch effort to sway them, didn’t work either.

Perhaps LaBeouf will have time behind bars to reflect on the fact that playing a hero in the movies is not the same as enlisting in the military and sacrificing your life for the greater good of others.

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