Activist promoting a day of vengeance identified as a former soldier

Source: Twitter

An alleged former US Army soldier has become the face of militant trans activism in the aftermath of a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee- and has urged fellow transgender-identifying people to take up arms.

Kayla Denker, a self-described transgender woman born as a biological male, has been encouraging transgender people to arm themselves and express their anger on April 1st.

The message from Denker has gained traction in the aftermath of a shooting in Tennessee that left six dead, after a transgender-identifying woman named Audrey Hale carried out an attack on a Nashville-area Christian school.

As a dedicated Marxist, Denker posts YouTube videos on marxism, firearms, and intersectional identity politics.

According to the Daily Mail, Denker is believed to be a former US Army Soldier and possibly was known as Pacific Northwestern Marxist radical Adam Denker prior to transition.

Denker has called for a “Trans Day of Vengeance,” urging transgender activists to take up arms and fight back against what they perceive to be the “genocide” of their own demographic.

It should be noted that no “genocide” has occurred and that the American government, private companies, and other entities have largely gone out of their way in recent years to support the LGBTQ community.

Despite this, the transgender community has become increasingly radicalized in recent years, both towards the causes of Marxism and aggressive responses to those who disagree with them.

Several examples have begun popping up on the internet, with Reddit being no exception.

One post encouraged transgender individuals to study military manuals, establish militant cells and prepare for combat.

Elsewhere on the internet, several transgender activists have taken things to the next level, with one encouraging people to kill Christians.

Three days prior to the shooting in Nashville, The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur also encouraged transgender people to arm themselves to prevent “genocide.”

“I don’t like guns. I would ban assault weapons in a second. We can go on and on about the gun control we need in this country. And I always tell people, ‘Don’t get guns, it’ll make you less safe,’” Uygur said.

“I’m gonna make you an exception here- for trans people,” the far-left host continued. “They are actually in danger. They have had hundreds of laws passed against them. They have right-wing media ginning up fear against them 24/7. They’re targeted more than any other group in America. And if anyone should get guns it should be trans-Americans. Because I’m worried for them. I’m worried the right-wing lunatics are going to attack them.”

“The Transgender Day of Vengeance” proposed by many activists is set to occur nationwide on April 1st, though some advocacy groups have distanced themselves from the more violent ones.

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