Active duty troops from all around the country tracked heading to Washington D.C.

Military Police units and other assets from the Army’s active duty components are being mobilized to standby in Washington, DC, should they be needed to restore order.

Citing the clauses in the Insurrection Act that allow active duty troops to deploy in cases where local forces fail to quell unrest, MPs from the XVIII Airborne Corps have been ordered to grab their gear and get ready to move.

According to, it is unknown how they will be utilized, though it appears they will likely be used on a “standby/as-needed basis.”

Air Force cargo aircraft from major Army installations in New York, Colorado and Kansas have been tracked by aviation enthusiasts as they departed for Joint Base Andrews.

“Tonight, multiple C-130J and C-17A cargo aircraft from Fort Riley, Fort Drum, and Fort Bragg are arriving into Andrews AFB,” Aircraft Spots tweeted. “10th Mountain Division & 1st Infantry Division which were on standby, also appear to be activated.”

One C-130J appears to have taken off from an area near Fort Campbell, Kentucky, though nothing as of yet has been confirmed.

In response to the tweet, Twitter user @ThresherThe suggested shooting the aircraft down.

“Where’s an FIM-92 Stinger when someone needs one?” he wrote.

“This isn’t funny,” Tom Hixon of Florida responded. “I get tensions are high, but wishing death on our service members ain’t it.”

Others -mostly accounts with left-learning photos and hashtags- claimed the deployment ordered by President Donald Trump was a move to ensure the election would be canceled in November.

“It’s a government takeover by Trump using [the] military,” wrote @wavlovr1. “Trump broke the law by viciously attacking peaceful citizens with Military using devastating unnecessary force.”

“He’ll call [the] election off,” chimed @Shamrock93. “After yesterday’s propaganda stunt, we know he’s got OUR military (now his), locked & loaded at his disposal. None of us are safe. Remember, he had a fireside chat with Putin earlier in the day. He’s getting *tips* from someone who has done this a long time.”

Many believe the deployment to be a violation of Posse Comitatus, though caveats and exceptions have been used in the past.

Previously, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower used an exception to the Posse Comitatus Act to send the 101st Airborne into Little Rock, Arkansas, during the 1957 school desegregation crisis. After the Arkansas governor had opposed desegregation following a Supreme Court ruling to integrate schools. The Enforcement Acts and other powers permitted Eisenhower to mobilize active military forces “when state authorities were either unable or unwilling to suppress violence that were in opposition to the citizens’ constitutional rights.”

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