9-year Army E-4 kicked out for “breaking into a women’s prison” during training

A US Army Reservist was kicked out of the military- and he’s telling his bizarre story.

Chris Anderson has published several videos about his life, claiming to be a martial artist who also served in the US Army Reserves for nine years.

During his time in the Reserves, Anderson never rose above the rank of E-4, and was given a general discharge under honorable conditions after he broke into a women’s prison and sheriff’s academy with his rifle slung on his back.

At this point, his account becomes a little convoluted, only to make sense later on: according to Anderson, he was doing “Terrorist Studies” training and was actively being recruited to be a spy, with the infiltration of the facility serving as a rite of passage-like test.

Unfortunately for Anderson, it appears the military was not informed of the test and chased after Anderson, eventually taking him into custody and turning him over to psychiatric services.

While being evaluated by psychiatrists, it was discovered that the nearly thirty-year-old Anderson had the mental function of an 18-year-old.

“Some doc assessed me and found out that I was mentally eighteen years old, even though I was twenty-seven,” he said. “He started the paperwork process to get me out.”

During the one year timespan of his separation process, he was demoted for allgedly “bossing around” noncommissioned officers, and was subsequently re-introduced to the PFC rank he graduated basic training with. Two days before his ETS date, he was sent out into civilian life with a general discharge.

“Army likes to do stuff like that,” he said. “They’re trolls.”

According to Anderson, he was always officer material.

“It was decided that my personality was so inherently officer, that being around the lower enlisted in that way just isn’t gonna work at all,” he said, not elaborating on who exactly made such a decision. “They figured I still had a shot to be a really good officer.”

Sadly for Anderson and whoever “they” are, the former Reservist was found to bipolar disorder, which effectively prevents him from being an officer.

Wanting back in, Anderson decided to lie to recruiters in 2015, denying he had bipolar disorder.

“My plan was to go off my meds, get on active duty and then restart my meds once I got on active duty,” he said. “That was a really bad idea.”
According to Anderson, he lost the ability to speak, an alleged side-effect of withdrawing from his medication.

“I wound up getting recruited by the Air Force to be an Air Force officer,” he added.

Anderson was then reportedly processed into the Maricopa County Jail.

Now a civilian, Anderson is now the leader of the “Street Fighter Army,” which is reportedly a “fulfilling substitute for the military experience” akin to a fight club.

In his new “army,” Anderson promotes attacking random people who verbally abuse others, referring to it as “checking people’s mouths.”

“You should go ahead and beat people up,” he said. “If they don’t wanna fight, f*** ‘em.”

Anderson also trains in Shibui Jiu-Jitsu and plays games such as Polytopia and Galactic Civilizations III. In recent months, he has been training at the Vacaville Martial Arts Institute in Vacaville, California.

It is unknown if the institution knows of Anderson’s ideology or position within the Street Fighter Army.

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