84-year-old WWII vet shows up Army snipers with 1,000 yard headshot

Ted Gundy, a WWII veteran who was a sniper during the Battle of the Bulge , could not not believe that modern-day snipers hit targets at 1,000 yards.

Gundy -84 years old at the time- could easily hit targets out to 300 yards with his WWII-era rifle but never had the opportunity to get behind the Army’s most advanced firearms.

With the help of Shooting USA and the US Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning he got his opportunity in 2009.

After meeting with Soldiers at Fort Benning and touring the Army’s Sniper School, he sat down behind one of the Army’s sniper rifles and pulled the trigger on a target 1,000 yards away -making a head shot with a single bullet.

The entire story can be read at Shooting USA

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