75th Ranger Regiment standing up 5th battalion for first time since WWII

The 75th Ranger Regiment is adding a fifth battalion to their ranks- but it’s not as cool as you think.

The Rangers are adding a Military Intelligence Battalion -composed of two companies- that will expand the capabilities of the intelligence company already in existence in the Regiment’s Special Troops Battalion.

The RMIB(P) will consist of a Ranger Military Intelligence company, a Geospatial Intelligence unit, Unmanned Aerial Surveillance unit, Human Intelligence units, a Combat Electromagnetic Capabilities Company and cyber warfare support, among other functions.

According to Soldier Systems, the unit give Rangers an edge in the find, fix, finish, exploit and analyze (F3EA) targeting methodology required to counter enemy combatant forces’ tactics, techniques, and methods.

The new 5th Battalion (excluding the 5th Ranger Training Battalion) is -in a “kinda-sorta” way- making its first comeback since World War II, when it was activated as the 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion in 1943 at Camp Forrest, Tennessee.

The 5th made history on June 6, 1944 during the Allied invasion of Normandy. When the situation on Omaha Beach became so dire that commanders were considering abandoning the beachhead (in order to prevent further casualties), General Norman Cota gave the order that would later become the 75ths motto: “Rangers, Lead The Way!”

Despite a fifty percent casualty rating during the landing, the 5th managed to complete their mission, which included scaling a 90-foot cliff with ropes and bayonets to knock out enemy positions.

Deactivated in 1945, the current reincarnation is not the hard-charging infantry battalion many wanted to see return, but it still good news nonetheless.

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