50 cent played Marine dress up with his friends and got away with it

Hip hop rapper 50 cent has recently been in the headlines for filing bankruptcy instead of paying a woman whom he released a sex tape of, but this is far from being his most embarrassing moment.

After releasing a new album with songs such as “My Toy Soldier” and “Casualties of War,” 50 cent and his G-Unit crew dressed up as military members for their 4th of July concert in New York City.

50 cent

The G-unit crew apparently equates “thug life” or “gang life” with military service.

In the G-unit music video titled “Rider pt. 2” the rappers sing “I’m a solder boy…I got no choice but to be a rider” during the chorus.

The video and lyrics have nothing to do with anything closely related to the military.  If anything, the lyrics contradict every single core value the military teaches.

The rappers in the song never once thank the military and only sing about stealing, murder, and running from the police.

This does not come as a surprise though. After all, 50 cent is a self-admitted former crack cocaine dealer.

In 2013 a Marine called out 50 cent for his Marine dress up play date on his Facebook page and his comment quickly went viral.

“My Name Is Cpl Schafer Matthew B United States Marine Corps And The Reason I Am Writing This Is To Ask You What The F– You Think Your Doing Disgracing My Uniform We All Damn Well Know You NEVER Served In My Corps What Makes You Think You Have The Right To Put Medals On Your Chest That You Didnt Earn I Wanna Know Who The F– You Think You Are And Who Gives You The Right To Impersonate A Marine!?”

50 cent never made a public response nor commented about the video in which he wears multiple military uniforms.

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