5 Weapons that won’t kill you, but will ruin your day

5. Sponge Grenades

It is like getting hit with a baseball thrown by a MLB pitcher…no big deal

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The 40mm-sponge grenade provides temporary incapacitation through blunt trauma. Minimum engagement range is 10 – 15 meters, and maximum effective range is 50 meters. Velocity at 50 meters is 200 feet per second.

4. Taser X26

This criminal explains why you should never run from the X26

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But if you use it on a super human viking it may only make them stronger…see below!


The TASER® X26™ is an electro-muscular incapacitation device that uses a nitrogen air cartridge propulsion system to launch two probes tethered to an electrically charged cartridge. Effective range is 0-35 feet, depending on cartridge type, penetrates up to two inches of clothing.

3. The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

Just feels like someone poured acid in your ears…

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It is an acoustic hailing device developed by LRAD Corporation to send messages and warning tones at frequencies that are painful to hear. LRAD systems are effective at crowd control and keeping possible combatants at a safe distance.

2. Non-Lethal Claymore Mine

These Claymore mines are not made to kill…but you might not have kids after

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The Modular Crowd Control Munition is the same dimension as a Claymore Mine and is capable of blunt trauma impact. The explosive munition sends 600 rubber balls out at high speeds to suppress targets.

1. Stingball Grenade

If you see one coming your way all you can do is BOHICA

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The Stingball Grenade is a hand thrown or can be fired out of a 12-gauge launch cup for further range. When it explodes the rubber pellets hit the target with a massive amount of blunt force.


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