5 things no servicemember should EVER volunteer for

Spend any amount of time in the military and you’ll be asked to volunteer for something.

While such requests generally monotonous busy-work, other times are for more -unconventional- and downright unpleasant duties. We at Popular Military put our collective “there I was” stories together and decided to list off the top five things no soldier should ever volunteer for.

5: ANYTHING the MPs suggest (K-9/Taser)

The Military Police make good use of their K-9 force and handheld tasers, both generally regarded as the disciplined “last option” before resorting to lethal force. While you generally would not get the opportunity to volunteer, there is no need to chase this less-than-choice assignment. Still, proper employment of such methods requires practice.

Other suggestions may involve pepper spray or even batons. Either way, you probably should avoid volunteering for them.

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