47 Army programs are expected to be halted if Congress does not act

A U.S. Army Stryker that has been upgraded with 30mm cannon. (Photo Credit: Courtesy photo via Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems)

Over 47 US Army programs -ranging from cadet pay to European training exercises- would reportedly be put on hold if lawmakers approve a continuing resolution to not raise funding for the rest of the year.

US Army officials warned Congress in writing that if the continuing resolution to maintain current funding levels is renewed, a myriad of programs will be forced to a halt, including modernization programs, cyber and electronic warfare, United States Military Academy cadet pay and even mounted guns for Stryker combat vehicles

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Congress has roughly one week to reach a consensus on a new funding measure to last through the fiscal year, which comes to an end in the final days of September.

While some Congressional leaders have been hesitant to pass a $30 billion boost for defense, Republican Senators John McCain (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC) assure military personnel that they won’t be left high and dry.

The Army’s reports indicate that under the current course, training ammunition will dry up in July and that Army troops expected to train in European exercises will have to cancel. By the 15th of July, only one actively deployed ground unit will still be training.

In addition to the slowdown, the report says that “47 procurement and new start programs in FY17 have been placed on hold pending an appropriation. … This will cause operational delays to future initiatives and delay crucial research to modernize legacy systems.”

Driving the nail into the coffin, another 84 planned increases of funding or production would need to be revisited in order to “realign internally with the funding that is available, causing operational delays in procurement and research across the Army and to specific initiatives, like the European Reassurance Initiative.”

According to The Hill, the US Navy and Air Force have sent similar reports, which will likely come up later this week when the chiefs of each military branch meet with the House Armed Services Committee.

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