4 members of Naval Special Warfare Command arrested in Japan, attacked police cars

Four members of the Naval Special Warfare Command were arrested by Japanese police after going on a drunken rampage and attacking two police cars.

Desmond Ruffin, Mark Elam, Colter Krebill and Todd Casselman were taken into custody by Okinawa Police on Sunday, with Ruffin being charged with trespassing and the others with obstruction of performance of public duty.

The Sailors are assigned to a special operations unit that came to Okinawa from Hawaii for a training exercise.

“The Navy is cooperating with local authorities and their investigation,” said Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa spokesman Robert Purdy. “The incident is still under investigation.”

The men loudly entered a Japanese pub at around 9PM, with one reportedly not wearing a shirt. When they asked where the nearest strip club was, they were ejected by the owner, according to Stripes.

Dissatisfied, the Sailors threw a reservation board and began being unruly, though they fled when they heard sirens coming from approaching Ishikawa Police cars.

Splitting up, the men were eventually captured before midnight, though three of them began banging on the windows of a police car when approached. Taking matters even further, Elam hit the cruiser’s windshield with a piece of wood.

“The sailors were drunk but they refused to take the Breathalyzer test,” the Ishikawa Police spokesman said. “They have remained silent.”

Okinawa has long had a contentious relationship with American service members, ranging from drunk Marines to aviation accidents. In August of this year, a Japanese police officer was attacked by a US Marine, leading to the serviceman’s arrest.

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