2 soldiers confirmed dead in Army Apache helicopter crash

(Galveston, TX) Two soldiers are dead after an AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed in Galveston Bay -just south of Houston- on Wednesday afternoon.

The crash reportedly happened near the terminal for the Bayport Cruise lines.

Emergency crews were called to respond to a report of a military grade Apache helicopter in the water at El Jardin Beach just before 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Officials say the bodies of the men have been located but have yet to be recovered.  One of the soldiers is said to be from the Houston and area and where the other is from is unknown.

A spokesman for the Texas Army National Guard confirmed the two men were pilots based out of the 1-149th Attack Helicopter Battalion at Ellington Field, according to WFAA.

“I saw the black military helicopter spiraling down nose first,” said John Roland, an eyewitness who lives nearby.

The crash is currently under under investigation and the names of the deceased will not be released until the next of kin have been notified.  Apache attack helicopters have a crew of two -a pilot and a gunner.

Investigators are still looking at what communication this pilot had before he crashed, including the black box in flight recorder.  Officials would not state to WFAA if the the flight recorded had been recovered or not.


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