17-year-old stays loyal to deployed Air Force fiancé in really creepy way

A 17-year-old high school girl found a creative way to have her deployed 20-year-old airman fiancé come to prom with her while she was stationed overseas.

17-year-old Lexi Akerson took a cardboard cutout of 20-year-old fiancé Brandon Turner -an airman stationed in the United Kingdom- to prom with her as a stand-in for her missing date.

Lexi Akerson 2

According to the Daily Mail, Akerson has been dating Turner for three years, two of which he has been stationed overseas. After graduation next month, she plans on getting married and moving to the UK to be with her airman.

“We started dating when he was a freshmen in Lawton High school and i was a seventh grader in middle school”, Akerson said. “Dated for two years, then took a break for a year. So i was a freshmen and then he was a junior when we started dating again, and since then we have been dating for three years.”

Akerson says that while she was disappointed that he couldn’t make it to prom, she had a lot of fun with the cardboard facsimile of her fiancé.

“I came up with the idea by joking around with my friends i should take a Fat Head of him to prom sense he cannot make it, she said. “But my friends’ reactions were hilarious, they loved the idea and thought it was adorable.”

Akerson says that while she and Turner are young, they are ready to get married. “We are young,’ she says,  ‘but we love each other.’

Akerson may have chose to bring a really creepy piece of cardboard to prom but Turner will probably agree it is better than Jody.

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