17-year old is second female to enlist in the Army infantry

A second female has just enlisted in the Army Infantry which has been open to women for over four months.  17-year-old Loren Ross of Snohomish, WA took the oath of enlistment on Tuesday from Brig. Gen. Donna Martin.

“I’m one of those girls that when someone says you can’t do something, I do it,” she said.

Ross has officially enlisted but will not head to Fort Benning for basic training until June of 2017 as the Army still needs time to prepare for this drastic change to Infantry units.

The Army has changed their website to show that the Infantryman (11B) job has been opened to women but is still lagging in other areas.

Go Army Infantry
Screenshot taken from goarmy.com on 14APR2016

The Army’s virtual guide, SGT STAR, who is “here to help answer any questions you have about the Army” – and also happens to be a recipient of the Combat Infantryman Badge – has yet to be briefed/updated.  When asked, “Can women enlist in the Infantry?,” he replies that women can choose from a variety of other career fields.

Screenshot taken from goarmy.com on 14APR2016.
Screenshot taken from goarmy.com on 14APR2016.

Last week, a Louisiana woman who is a former police officer made history by being to first female to volunteer to attempt to become an Infantryman.

25-year-old Tammy Barnett had originally intended on becoming a military police officer but changed her mind when she found out she has a chance at becoming the first “Infantrywoman.”

The physical standards that need to be met to become an Army Infantryman (11b) are the following:

  • Physical Fitness: Meet HT/WT standards within 180 days from BASD
  • Pass APFT with minimum of 60 points per event
  • Complete 5 mile run in 45 minutes
  • Complete 12 mile Foot March in 5 hours
  • Conduct both Obstacle and Confidence Courses
  • Locate 3 of 5 points on land navigation course in under 3 hours as part of 3-5 man team
  • Qualify with M4 rifle; conduct Advanced Rifle Marksmanship; and buddy team LFX
  • Conduct hand grenade course and throw two live hand grenades
  • Familiarize with M249, M240B, M2A1, MK19, M203/M320 GL, M136 AT4
  • Conduct multiple FTXs that train individual, buddy team, fire team, squad, and urban operations tasks
  • Conduct training on 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortar systems and pass Mortar Gunner Exam (11C)

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