14,500 people have traveled to Ukraine to fight Russia in the past few days

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Kiev — About 14,500 people have entered Ukraine for combat duty in the past few days, reacting to Russia’s invasion, according to the Ukrainian military.

A total of 12,000 of them were returning Ukrainians who wanted to join the national defence effort, according to the army. In addition, Kiev expects numerous foreigners to volunteer, to form an international legion.

In the statement, Ukraine’s general staff claims that Russian forces have lost more than 12,000 soldiers since the war began on February 24.

Moscow had spoken of just under 500 soldiers killed a few days ago, but had not given any more recent figures since then. Kiev has so far not given any figures on casualties in its own ranks. The Donetsk separatists spoke on Tuesday of 47 dead on their side.

According to the Ukrainian army, 49 Russian aircraft, 81 helicopters and around 317 tanks were destroyed or damaged, but the figures cannot be independently verified.

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