14 Photos that prove “Grunts” haven’t changed since Vietnam

Ranger panties and silkies make my quads look good!

Ranger panties silkies
Not giving a…

Soldiers flipping the bird

Grunts drank these way before hipsters

Vietnam soldier drinking PBR


Mister you have chocolate

Someone has a little Captain in him

A little captain in him

Passing the time

Sodier playboy Vietnam

Do you even stache bro?

Soldier stache Vietnam

Photo bomb?

Vietnam Photo bomb

Your deployment does not count unless you have filled sand bags…

Sandbags in vietnam

Grunts can sleep anywhere

Grunts sleep anywhere

Respect the pig

Respect the pig

You can have your peace sign back

Soldier with bat

Selfies for days…

Soldier sefie in Vietnam

Even the toughest grunts have their deployment pets

Puppies on deployment


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