12-year-old Afghan suicide bomber detonates on US Army officer, Navy corpsman

Helmet camera footage from an American Soldier in Afghanistan captured the poignant moment that a 12-year-old blew himself up, injuring an Australian aid worker and two US servicemembers.

The footage of the incident, which took place in the early 2010s, is part of an ongoing legal battle between the Australian government and Aussie aid worker David Savage, who was left wheelchair-bound after the attack.

The child can be seen calmly walking over to Savage before blowing himself up.

The blast took out a Navy corpsman, an Army captain and Savage, tossing them across the road like paper in the wind.

According to The Sun, Savage claims there were multiple red flags prior to the explosion, and that the Aussie Defense Force responsible for his safety failed to see them.

While patrolling the market, a man with orange hands was seen (indicating working with explosives) and workers quickly vacated the bazaar. The boy was in clean white clothes, a common practice for suicide bombers of the Islamic faith.

The boy was allowed to approach Savage, who was wearing ill-fitting US body armor that did not go well with his portly frame.

While the ADF was ultimately responsible for Savage, he was being protected by a US servicemember, located 50 meters in front of him.

In the end, a subsequent report determined that the threats were not clear at the time, and that Mr. Savage’s obesity contributed to his body armor being less than effective.

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