10 things you should get for people who love General Mattis

In these trying political times, there always seems to be one person that servicemembers and veterans can agree on: Jim “Chaos” Mattis, retired US Marine legend and the current Secretary of Defense.

With the holiday season approaching, now is the perfect time to share the good word of “Saint Mattis of Quantico,” and get all the Mattis gear you can for yourself, your friends and your loved ones.

Chaos is a big fan of reading, and has gone on records to name personal favorites, such as One Bullet Away, which was written by Marine veteran Nathaniel C. Fick of Generation Kill fame.

One personal favorite is Meditations, an ancient text by Marcus Aurelius.

For the office warrior, the Mattis coffee mug is a perfect edition to the battlespace known simply as “the cubicle” (not to be confused with “killbox” or “the crucible”), adorned with the great general’s likeness and a quote that is sure to keep HR on their toes.

Still hoping Mattis runs for president and/or a fan of terrible alcohol? Don’t worry, we are too. In fact, a Popular Military writer may or may not have written his name on an absentee ballot during the last two elections, probably while drinking. Maybe. We’re not really sure what he does most of the time- he just kinda silently glares at us from his office.

For those with similar hopes and dreams, the MAD DOG 2020 shirt by Grunt Style is a mix of class, crass and kick-ass that looks good with just about anything short of a g-string. A charming mix of black, yellow and silver, the shirt will get the message across, but won’t get you kicked out of an Indiana Zoo (yes, this happened).

If the 2020 shirt isn’t “out there” enough for you, how about the “Don’t F**k With Me,” flag patch (or hat —here), modeled after the Gadsden Flag. Not workplace-friendly? No problem, they have a PG-13 version, too.

Wanna see how Mattis rose to fame? Read how he and the 1st Marine Division descended upon Baghdad in Bing West and Major General Ray Smith’s collaboration, The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division.

In the end, from reading to relaxing, there is no excuse to not have the Secretary of Defense under your tree. Happy Holidays!

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