Sierra McGrone, aka Nocturnus Libertus became famous last week for her anti-american flag challenge in which she challenged people to “wipe their ass with the flag of imperialism.”  Oddly enough, this Anti-American has lived off the U.S. government for her entire adolescence!  Almost her entire family has served; her mother is or was a Sergeant First Class in the Army and her brother and three cousins are serving now.


Sierra McGrone’s military dependent Identification card. Dependent ID’s allow children of active duty military personnel to receive their benefits and entitlements.

McGrone claims that she even joined the military and went to basic training, but only made it a week. A source has told Popular Military that she was kicked out of the Army in basic training, but this has not been verified.
According to her Facebook post she was planning on joining the Marines and continuing her service in the Army.




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