It’s official: senior Army leadership has given the green light to soldiers rolling their sleeves across the entire branch.

According to the Army Times, Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley gave the final word following a 10-day pilot program at Fort Hood, with one caveat- the sleeves must be rolled camo-side-out. US Army G-1 Lieutenant General James McConville finalized the change in a memo signed Tuesday.

Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey says that there will be no seasonal limits to when sleeves can be rolled, with the ultimate decision falling upon commander’s discretion. This allows for units in hotter climates to be given leeway, as weather conditions dictate.

“This is an indication of the fact that we listen to soldiers,” Milley said.

Dailey echoed Milley’s sentiment, calling Milley “the soldier’s general.”

In addition, the sleeves may be cuffed (camo facing out) in a field environment.

“You can cuff your sleeves in temperate environments at the discretion of the commander and if there are no safety issues,” Dailey said.

Secretary of the Army was asked his opinion of rolled sleeves during an Association of the United States Army breakfast.

“I think for any number of reasons, I’m going to stay away from uniform issues,” Fanning laughed. “But I’m watching closely, and if successful, I think we need a pilot on the civilian side as well.”

According to the US Army Memo, commanders may authorize rolled sleeves immediately, with the change aplying to the Universal Camouflage Pattern, Operational Camouflage Pattern or Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern.

The sleeves must be facing camo-out and must sit no more than three inches above the elbow.

Milley announced the trial after a soldier during a reenlistment ceremony asked if he could roll his sleeves up.


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