The Chief of Naval Operations is asking sailors to refrain from discussing the service’s capabilities.

In a memo dated Mar. 1, 2017, Adm. John Richardson said giving away too much information diminishes the Navy’s competitive edge.

In a modern world of social media and what appear to be endless leaks hemorrhaging from Washington, Richardson writes it’s more important than ever for everyone in the Navy to scrutinize and protect sensitive information.

He also asks sailors to be situationally aware when attending events more aimed at “marketing” and don’t provide any real value to the service.

“Instead, prioritize your time and energy toward events that directly improve our ability to execute our mission — to help us win more decisively at sea,” he writes.

At the same time, Richardson does show a keen sense for winning the hearts and minds of American citizens. He clarifies that he is not ordering sailors to avoid discussions with the public or the media.

“Telling the Navy’s story is important to maintain public trust and confidence,” he said.

He closes saying that enemies around the world are looking for any chance to exploit vulnerability.

“Make no mistake: our adversaries for any possible edge. Let’s not make their task any easier.”

Admiral Richardson

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